Bianca Smetacek – Wards 5 & 10


Bianca Smetacek immigrated to Canada fifteen years ago. She lives in Calgary with her husband and their two young children, who are 5 and 11 years old.

Bianca was born and grew up in India. She gained her early education in Nainital, India and moved on to obtain a BA in English Literature at LSR Women’s College, in the Delhi University. At the age of 20, Bianca moved to Mumbai to study at the Tata Institute of Social Studies, where she completed her Masters in Social Work majoring in Family and Social Welfare.

She has worked with Mumbai’s street children, in extremely challenging circumstances. This early experience helped prepare Bianca for her subsequent work at the Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Center. Social work and Public Service have always been a driving force with Bianca.

She is an avid reader, with a lifelong interest in books. Apart from reading she enjoys yoga and cooking.

Bianca has been an active volunteer at her children's schools, including serving on School Council.

Bianca is running for CBE Trustee in Wards 5 & 10.

Can Bianca count on your support?

  • Fix Math:

    Math is broken. More kids are failing math and CBE is not fixing the problem. We will fix it.

  • Fund Classrooms, not Admin:

    We will move millions back into the classroom. CBE staffing MUST be focused on support in the classroom.

  • Fix Report Cards:

    Report cards allow parents to support their child's learning. For many parents this is the best way to see their child's progress and meaningful report cards must be reinstated.

  • Ensure Student Wellness:

    Ensuring students feel safe at school is a priority to us all. We propose establishing an independent ombudsman to handle any unresolved student or parent concerns about bullying.

  • Keep Big Money out of Elections:

    Special interests have no role in education. We will not accept corporate or union donations.